Trina Solar photovoltaic panel SPLITMAX series

We present the SPLITMAX series of Trina Solar, a high-power photovoltaic module with half-cut technology (120 cells).

This innovative photovoltaic panel uses half-cells with separate junction boxes and an innovative interconnection system, for optimal energy production with minimal losses.

Photovoltaic panels with half-cut cells

The photovoltaic panels with half-cell technology allow to reduce the loss of internal power in the interconnections between the cells and therefore to optimize the yield with better energy yields, especially in periods of high solar irradiation.

The SPLITMAX photovoltaic module has two junction boxes separated from each other in this way a reduction of the temperature between 15 and 20 ° C is obtained, therefore the cells at lower temperatures have a better energy production.

This PID-free panel integrates a light-reflecting film (LRF light redirecting film) allowing it to develop more power.

These panels are IEC 1500V certified, ideal for large-scale installations with BOS cost savings by connecting multiple modules in one string.

The SPLITMAX series has also passed the reaction to fire tests, obtaining the “Class 1” certification SPLITMAX Series | glass-backsheet, half-cut cells

Serie SPLITMAX | vetro-backsheet, celle half cut

PE05H | 120 half-cut poly cells: 280-285 Wp
DE05H | 120 half-cut mono cells: 315-320 Wp
PE14H | 144 half-cut poly cells: 335-340 Wp
DE14H | 144 half-cut mono cells: 380-385 Wp