Jinko Solar Tiger Pro high efficiency 440 Wp monocrystalline modules

Jinko Solar has introduced a new generation of high efficiency photovoltaic panels: the Tiger Pro serie.

These monocrystalline modules with 9 busbar PERC technology cells combine the half-cut cell design with the new Tiling Ribbon (TR) technology that reduces power losses and significantly increases efficiency.


Tiling Ribbon (TR) Technology

Thanks to this new technology, the cell interconnection gap is eliminated, there are no welds or bars between one cell and another.

The busbars  among  the cell are circular, an innovation made by Jinko R&D, this allows not only a better use and absorption of light,  a continuous flow without interruptions even when the cells are joined .

The cells are superimposed and pressed together, thus reducing the power loss caused by the welding of the cells and significantly increasing the active surface.

By decreasing the distance between the main bar and the grid line, resistance losses are reduced and both power and efficiency are increased.

Lower risk of micro crack

The Tiger series with 9 busbars uses independent circular ribbons that allow the greatest absorption of light especially in conditions of low irradiation and thanks to the distance less than 50% compared to a lower number of busbars it reduces the risk of micro crack.

High powers up to 475Wp

The new Tiger Pro modules with an efficiency of 21.6% are able to generate up to 475 Wp of power, greater reliability and durability.

Even the Tiger Pro modules as for other Jinko Solar products have one of the lowest temperature coefficients Pmax equal to -0.35% / ° C while as regards the guarantee the degradation in the first year is no more than 2% and while for the remaining it stands at 0.55% from the second to the 25th year of the module’s life.


Jinko Tiger Pro JKMXXXM-60HL4-V – mono – 120 half cut cells – 440 – 460 Wp

Jinko Solar

Jinko Tiger Pro JKMXXXM-60HL4-V P-type monocrystalline photovoltaic module.

  • Multi Busbar technology;
  • Snow (5400 Pa) and wind (2400 Pa) resistance;
  • Anti-PID resistance;

Jinko Tiger Pro JKMXXXM-60HL4-V is a 120 half-cell monocrystalline P-type photovoltaic module.

The module is equipped with anti-PID resistance through the optimized mass production process and material control, it also reduces the hot spots loss, this thanks to an optimized electrical design and lower operating current, which allows maintaining a better temperature coefficient.

The product uses the multi Bubsar technology which allows improving the reliability of the product and the output power.

Wind and snow resistance

Jinko Tiger Pro JKMXXXM-60HL4-V is snow resistant up to 5400 Pa and wind resistant up to 2400 Pa.

It also resists salt and ammonia storms and this makes it excellent for all weather conditions.


The warranty covers the product for 12 years and performance for 25 years, furthermore, Jinko guarantees that in the first year the performance will drop by 2% and then progressively 0.55% per year for the next 25 years, thus losing 15.2% in 25 years. years.