Raw materials in the renewable energies market

In these weeks, the whole world has been struggling with energy prices increasment and supply of raw materials and minerals.

In Europe, natural gas is the primary source for electricity and heating generation. In this regard, the contribution of energy produced from renewable sources, solar, wind and hydroelectric, is becoming increasingly important in order to lower the fixed and variable costs of hydrocarbons.

Self-consumption and self-production of energy are certainly a plus point to get over the current crisis and lower energy costs for both private people and companies needs.

Availability of raw material for renewable energies

The renewables sector has also been affected by the shortage of stocks of the most commonly used metals in the products, such as aluminium which is mainly used in the production of photovoltaic panels and mounting structures and nickel which together with lithium are useful metals for the production of batteries for electric vehicles.

In addition we can find copper, which is widely used in the electrical and electronics industry, coal and manganese which are used in steel production.

Metal stocks are low and the interruption of supplies from Russia, one of the main producer, is pushing global stocks down to critical levels.

Troubles also in the transport sector

Not to be underestimated is the high cost of fuel, which not only slows down the transport of materials but also leads to an increase in service costs to customers.

Orders planning and material supply

In the complicated global overview, it is important to rely on a reliable supplier with proven economic, financial and stability assets.

Thanks to the partnership with Tadiran Group, VP Solar becomes today one of the main B2B distributors for the renewables sector.

Competitiveness and product availability

Thanks to the strategic partnerships with the global manufacturers, VP Solar customers can count on an increased competitiveness, product availability and integrated international logistics services to face the current crisis.

In this historical phase, it is very important to plan orders and material supply in order to deal with the increasing demand; we invite professionals in the sector to contact their commercial contact person to plan a long-term supply of material.