Q.ANTUM Technology and QCELLS Q.PEAK DUO: high performance, maximum returns

Qcells with its proprietary Q.ANTUM DUO Technology makes high-performance photovoltaic panels with guarantees of 86 % after 25 years.

Q.ANTUM DUO Technology is an innovative interconnection system that eliminates the spaces between the individual rows of cells ensuring lower electrical losses.

Thanks to Q.ANTUM technology, Qcells Q.PEAK DUO-G11 S+ modules reach maximum performance: this technology increases the efficiency of the module up to 21.7%, increasing the yield of the entire system.

The characteristics of the QCELLS Q.PEAK DUO M G11 S+ – MC4 modules

Q.ANTUM technology helps to increase the efficiency of Qcells modules, in particular the Q.PEAK DUO M G11 S+ MC4 guarantee the following advantages:

Better use of available space thanks to high efficiency

Thanks to the innovative cell interconnection system, the module significantly increases its efficiency, guaranteeing higher production compared to older generation modules, for the same space. In some cases improvements of up to 4% can be achieved.

Reduced shading

Round-shaped interconnects, compared to standard ribbon, reduce shading on the module due to these factors by up to 75%. In this case, production can also increase by 2.5%.

Excellent resistance

This product features a frame that is extremely resistant to the most extreme weather conditions. This module has been certified with 8100Pa of snow resistance and 4000Pa of wind resistance, among the highest values on the market.


The Q.PEAK DUO M G11 S+ has a 25-year product and 25-year performance warranty.