Trina Solar: exceeded 10 GW of module shipments

Trina Solar, a company born in 1997 and now a world leader in photovoltaic solutions, has announced that its global shipments of photovoltaic modules have exceeded 10 GW during the calendar year 2019.

According to the ranking of shipments of photovoltaic modules, published by PV InfoLink, Trina Solar was ranked among the top three in the sector.

Trina Solar, brand attentive to research and quality

The company broke the world record for the conversion efficiency of N-type monocrystalline and N-type cast-mono i-TOPCon solar cells. Trina is also continuing to promote technologies such as multi-busbars, double-glazed and double-sided modules.

Trina Solar is also encouraging the development of modules that use the 210 mm Silicon wafer, for which the prototype was released in early 2020.

VP Solar offers solutions in step with the times

Trina Solar continuously invests in the research and development of increasingly advanced photovoltaic solutions. VP Solar offers several solutions that reflect the high quality of Trina products.

  • 60-cell monocrystalline module, ideal for commercial and residential projects. Classified in first place for the reliability of performance in climatic conditions of low radiation. TSM-DD05A.08 (II).
  • Monocrystalline module 120 half-cut cells. Excellent for residential solutions as it offers a power density of up to 199 W / m2 with ultra-thin Busbars. TSM-DE06M.08 (II).
  • 60-cell full-black monocrystalline module with elegant design and optimal yields in conditions of poor insulation. TSM-DD05A.05 (II).
  • Polycrystalline photovoltaic module 60 cells, present themselves as very versatile products, ideal for small and medium-sized plants as they are capable of generating a large amount of energy in a limited roof space. TSM-PD05.
  • Polycrystalline photovoltaic panel 120 half-cut cells 5 busbars. Ideal for large-scale installations. Like all Trina Solar modules, this model also undergoes over 30 tests to ensure high quality and durability. TSM-PE06H.