Simply: 5 unique features

The fastening system Simply is the result of a careful evaluation focused on the installers’ needs to minimize the times and the tools and to maximize the resistance of the fastening system with the passing of time.

5 unique features of the Simply system

  1. Quick: thanks to the clamps and other pre-mounted fastening components, the installation is quick, requires few tools and remains very safe with the passing of time. It is possible to install a domestic pv plant in about one hour.
  2. Resistant: even if it’s lighter than the similar top of the range profiles, it is stronger thanks to its rectangular shape and its advanced design.
  3. Universal: thanks to presence of the channel on the lower part, which is suitable for M10 components, it is adaptable to every anchorage covering, whether they are brackets, dowell screws, steel clamps or triangles for flat roof etc.
  4. Practical: it is possible to fix rapidly and permanently in time two or more Simply profiles together thanks to the innovative coupling for profiles, whose two lateral tongues don’t require any tool to ensure rapidly and firmly the stability and the strength of the plant with the passing of time.

Moreover, thanks to a small section of the profile, esthetics and practicality are guaranteed, in fact you will not see any coupling and it will be possible to fasten the anchorage also where this innovative system is present, advantaging therefore the installation.

  1. Safe: the design allows to ensure the duration and the good quality of the Simply fastening system, with respect to the Technical Norms for Constructions and the European Regulations of the Eurocode and thanks to the use of materials that resist to bad weather and corrosion.

Since 1999 VP Solar manufactures its own resistant and robust fastening systems for pv plants and coverings: thanks to our many years’ experience we can always offer you the best solutions for your needs.

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