Solis three-phase inverter and Solis Design Tool

Solis offers effective solutions and useful advice for C&I systems. Solis’ commercial proposal for three-phase photovoltaic inverters for small and large systems is extensive and features a wide range of sizes for all power requirements.

Large range of sizes

  • Solis S5-GR3P(4-20)K from 4 to 20 kW
  • Solis S5-GC 25/30/40 K from 25 to 40 kW
  • Solis S5-GC 50/60 K from 50 & 60 kW
  • Solis-(80-110) K-5G-PRO from 80 & 100 kW

Plant monitoring using Solis Design Tool

To help installers configure and monitor C&I systems, Solis provides a number of useful services in Solis Design Tool: an easy-to-use platform.

Through the free activation of your account on the dedicated site or you can access the platform and take advantage of a number of benefits such as configuring the photovoltaic system, checking DC-CA cables, and creating system reports to share with the end customer.

The following functions can also be accessed:

Remote control

  • Remote power on/off
  • Remote Grid Code management
  • Remote update

String monitoring

  • Detailed information of each individual string

IV-Curve Scanning

  • Through the platform it is possible to request the IV curve scan of each string or to schedule periodic scanning