Tips for professional installation

During the design and installation phase of the charging solutions for electric vehicles, to ensure a long life of the charging systems, it is necessary to evaluate the installation context and adopt simple installation measures where necessary.


In particular, it is necessary to have 3 practical precautions:

  • Sun protection
  • Impact protection
  • Phase rotation

Sun protection especially for wallboxes

If the installation, especially for a wallbox, is made on a south-facing wall, to avoid premature aging of the materials and overheating during operation, it is useful to mount a sunshade;

Impact protection especially in the public sphere

Especially for systems used for public use, it is important to protect the devices from collisions and accidental impacts (including from cars); to this end, depending on the type of installation, nearby steel poles or ground systems can be used to limit the access of cars;

Rotation of the phase sequence to allow the simultaneous recharging of several cars

Furthermore, in the case of multiple installations (for example in car parks) phase rotation: is useful to install the wallboxes or charging columns with the foresight to “rotate” the sequence of phases (cyclically) between one device and the adjacent ones.

This is because several cars with single-phase chargers could occur at the same time as recharging and, if the rotation was not applied, they would all pick up on the same phase, creating a strong load imbalance.