SolarWorld panels

SolarWorld Panels: new brand Real Value

SolarWorld for many years is well known in the market for its quality, reliability and sustainability. Values that today have been improved even more strongly with the new brand REAL VALUE, that sums up what SolarWorld panels provide to end customers and to the solar professionals: a very high quality level.

Quality that always characterizes the work and the existence of SolarWorld in solar the market, as synonymous of warranty, security and long term performance of a solar system.

SolarWorld Panels: VP Solar official distributor

VP Solar, for 15 years has been in the market thanks to the research of the most efficient solutions in the energy industry. It has chosen SolarWorld panels, showing the mark of professional and reliable distributor, caring of the needs of its customers.

VP Solar recognizes SolarWorld as reliable partner, focused on the research of efficiency and performance, that allows to keep high standards of quality and customer care.

All this makes both VP Solar and SolarWorld leader in Italy and Europe for many years.

SolarWorld Panels: SunProctect series

Among the innovative panels that SolarWorld has introduced in the market, SunProtect panels raise an increasing interest, they have a even more protection against bad weather conditions thanks to glass on both front and back remaining lightweight at about 21 kilogram: improved quality keeping the best convenience.

Another outstanding feature of these panels is the 30-year linear performance guarantee.

VP Solar assures to its customers always availability of the new panels SunProtect and the Sunmodule Plus ones, polycrystalline and monocrystalline: contact us for technical information and a customized offer.

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