Q-cells panels: a great success

Intersolar in June in Munich has confirmed once again the outstanding results of Q-cells panels among the PV panel manufacturers. The request for this premium quality solar panels with Germany technology keeps increasing. Thanks to the Q.ANTUM technology the Q.PRO-G3 series gets even better that the previous one, best polycrystalline modules of 2013 tested by PHOTON.

Q.ANTUM is a technology that increases the performance of the Q-cells panels even under hard conditions. An high-performance cell concept that for the first time is applied also to a mass production scale on any basic wafer material. It is used the dielectric rear surface to reflect light rays which have passed through the cell structure back into the cell where they can be converted into electricity. The result is: 19.5 % of panel efficiency.

Q-cells panels: great profit in 2014

The financial strength of the company is another key point of the success of the Q-cells panels. Q-cells has won the role of Europe’s largest PV provider with sales of 247 MW and a production volume of 244 MW. The number of employees has grown as well. These great results make the outlook for the next years even better.

The best of Q-cells panels

Quality, reliability and good design are the rule of Q-cells panels. The weight and volume has been considerably reduced through an enhanced design. 29 modules fit a single pallet instead of 20 and 40% more panels can be stored in each container.

Furthermore Q-cells has gained the Top Brand PV seal from EuPD Research for the German, French, Italian, and UK markets. This institute decides the market leader, main points taken in consideration are: product differentiation and strength of their brand felt among customers.

Q-Cells G3 panels: lower transportation costs

Q Cells panels: the largest european photovoltaics provider