SHARP: a broad portfolio of products

The SHARP brand presents a wide range of photovoltaic modules suitable for every application, from monocrystalline to polycrystalline.


Poly or mono, what is the best choice in Europe?

Sharp has compared the performance of its modules in Europe and these are the best solutions in the various areas:

  • In central and northern Europe, poly modules are the best choice. Compared to mono modules, efficiency can be up to 2.5% higher.
    • Poly: they react better to the diffused sunlight, abundant in northern Europe and some parts of Africa. It warms up fewer thanks to its blue colour.
  • In southern Europe, mono or poly have almost the same performance.
    • Mono: they react better to direct sunlight, predominant in southern Europe and the Middle East, but warm up more than the poly modules due to its black colour.

Performance beyond expectations

SHARP provides up to 5% more energy, all 60 or 72-cell modules have a positive power tolerance of 0/5%, which is equivalent to more than 5W, for example, 5% for a 370W module is 18.5W more.

NU-AC series monocrystalline photovoltaic panels

The high-performance NU-AC monocrystalline photovoltaic modules of 60 cells consist of PERC cells and an efficiency up to 18.9%.

These panels can be used with a system voltage up to 1000V.

The 5 busbar cells guarantee better reliability, efficiency and reduced resistance of the series.

Serious polycrystalline modules ND-AC

The polycrystalline modules of the ND-AC series with 60 cells with 5 busbar technology are photovoltaic panels with excellent performance even in the case of low radiation.

This product can reach an efficiency of 16.8%. Also, in this case, it is possible to use this module with a system voltage of 1,000 V.

Certified quality

All modules are subjected to strict tests developed by the company over decades of experience in the sector, five times more thorough and rigid than what is required by the IEC standards.

With detailed tests on typical module failures and new materials, they ensure the highest quality, strength and compliance with international standards even in extreme conditions.

The SHARP modules are tested, certified and awarded by numerous independent institutions:

  • IEC / EN 61215: degradation test under exposure to standard climatic conditions
  • IEC / EN 61730: test for safe electrical and mechanical operation
  • MCS: certification mark for sustainable energy technologies
  • CE: Compliance with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the EU
  • IEC 612015 and IEC62716

Wind, snow and hail loads, temperature and humidity tests carried out at 85 ° C à-40 ° C respectively with 1025 cycles (for IEC 200 cycles would be tested) and at 85 ° C with 85% humidity for 1250 hours ( IEC requires 1000).

Thanks to these accurate tests, the SHARP modules are designed for a minimum of 25 years of life!