Quality and reliability of the new VP Solar 2021 pricelist for photovoltaic modules

Thanks to the photovoltaic market growth, VP Solar renewed its set of photovoltaic modules, launching the new pricelist for 2021.

The photovoltaic modules offered include different technologies and panels of several sizes, this with the aim of ensuring the coverage of all possible configurations and plant sizes.

Different technologies and modules

The photovoltaic modules proposed are available in different sizes covering a power range from 280 Wp to 440 Wp. Within this range of panels different technologies are represented:

  • Polycrystalline
  • Monocrystalline
  • Full black
  • Bifacial

Some of these also feature a high efficiency up to 22%, which makes them extremely competitive on many residential and commercial applications.

All these products are also available with different types and number of cells. For example, 60 cells, 72 cells, half-cells or high efficiency HIT modules are available.

Reliability and safety

Many of the panels proposed by Vp Solar have several features that testify the excellent quality of the products offered:

  • Exceptional durability: high wind pressure and snow load resistance values up to 5400 and 6000 Pa respectively
  • High power output: many of these products have a high efficiency that allows to achieve extremely high levels of productivity even in tight spaces
  • Excellent answers to shading: thanks to the configuration of the cells, some modules respond very effectively to poor radiation conditions or to the presence of shadows.

Up to 25 years warranty

These products have a 25 year linear guarantee on the performance and a product warranty that ranges from 12 to 25 years, evidence of the quality and very low degradation of the products in all the possible installation conditions.