AEG 17.6 kWp installed on agricultural buildings in Sweden

AEG manufacturer of photovoltaic modules has further increased the quality of its products by updating, on some ranges, the product warranty to 15 years, this change concerns some models of the AEG High Efficiency and AEG Premium series.

17.6 kWp installed in agricultural buildings in Sweden

In Sweden, a photovoltaic system with AEG High-Efficiency modules with a capacity of 17.6 kWp was built on the roof of some typical agricultural buildings.

The strong sensitivity in the country and Swedish farmers towards renewables, also due to the tangible effects of climate change with increasingly dry seasons that put the agri-food sector in difficulty, is leading the country to increasingly careful management of resources and the desire to cultivate sustainably.

Thanks to the incentives set up by the government, farmers invest in green solutions not only for economic savings but also to differentiate themselves by increasing reliability and corporate image.

The redevelopment of a building used as a barn with the installation of a 17.6 kWp photovoltaic system is one of the many solutions adopted by farmers to contribute to the transition to renewable energy.

52 AEG High-Efficiency all-black modules

The system was built with 52 330Wp monocrystalline AEG High-Efficiency all-black modules chosen for their high efficiency and constant yields, ideal for trapezoidal roofs.

The all-black design of the modules and the use of a completely black mounting structure make the installation integrated and aesthetically elegant.