SHARP new total black module NU-JC320B

Sharp has added a new monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel with half-cut cells in a completely black design to its range of residential and commercial modules.

The elegant new NU-JC B series with 120 half-cells offers 2-3% higher performance than standard full-cell panels of the same size.

Sharp NU-JC320B

This aesthetically very elegant module with glossy black frame and the black back sheet has an output power of 320W and a positive power tolerance 0 / + 5%.

Half-cut technology optimal production in any conditions

The partial cut cell technology consists of cells cut into two equal parts, in this way the electric current generated per cell is halved and the resistance losses are reduced to a quarter thus increasing the output power for the user.

Thanks to this technology, the temperature in the cells are considerably lowered, thus reducing the risk of breakage and longer service life.

The cells are equipped with three small junction boxes instead of one, each box is equipped with a single bypass diode which transfers less heat to the cells and increases their overall performance and durability.

50% performance even in partial shade conditions

Furthermore, this technology is very advantageous in partial shade conditions such as in the case of installations on pitched roofs. Panels with half-cut cells can generate 50% performance if either half of the module, top or bottom is in shadow.

Quality and durability test

NU-JC320B photovoltaic panel is equipped with MC4 (Multi-Contact, Stäubli) IP68 connectors, the 3.2mm highly transmissive and anti-glare low iron tempered glass coating reflects 1.2% less light compared to other coatings it preserves longevity and greater output power.

Recognized and certified and tested by the highest international standards, this photovoltaic module has been made with high-quality products and has passed all tests for resistance to ammonia, salt mist, sand, PID resistance and resistance in extreme conditions.