Inverters: find out how to save, have a look at the new price list!

Revised and updated is the VP Solar offer for solar inverters, that today is the point of reference for specialized resellers and installers all over Italy and Europe.


Thanks to the high volumes of products sold VP Solar is a leader in the solar market gaining the best conditions from the worldwide producers, that are passed on to its own customers.


Futhermore professionals can rely on an high level of service that assures:

  • wide availability of products in stock
  • prompt commercial replies and quick logistics thanks to the company software SAP
  • before and after sales technical support from the VP Solar engineers

New Price list for inverters: even more competitive


Nowadays inverter price list of VP Solar is even more complete and competitive. We believe that choosing quality inverters at affordable prices is the perfect choice for companies that want to satisfy their customers, with both performance and great after sale assistance.

VP Solar engineers always select carefully the products that are offered. This means that we can offer a wide range that allows us to give always the best solution that suits a lot of needs:

  • For standard and personalized kits: mono-phase inverters with overwhelming price/quality ratio
  • For better performance in residential and commercial systems: power optimizers combined to inverters
  • For industrial system: three-phase inverters in order to get the lowest price euro/W
  • For retrofitting and revamping: wide range of solutions to learn together with you in order to improve performance, we can give you our over 15 years of experience and our support


Have a look at the new inverter price list of VP Solar, if your are our client download it from our Private Area. Otherwise either register to it or ask us for an offer.