SolarEdge three-phase inverter with Synergy technology up to 120 kW

The new generation of SolarEdge inverters with Synergy technology for commercial plants up to 120 kW, even safer, easier to install, and with greater system performance.

The new generation simplifies the inverter installation and commissioning processes with significant benefits for the installer.

Management and control even before leaving the site

Thanks to the automatic verification of the installation even before connecting to the network, you can check each phase of the process directly from your smartphone and solve any problems long before the actual connection to the AC network.

Quick and easy installation, 2 people are enough

The modular system is made up of various identical Synergy units that work independently of each other and the Synergy Manager unit that manages the entire inverter system simplifies maintenance and thanks to the weights distributed among the various units it is possible to install the whole system in just two people.

Inverter with Synergy technology even safer

With built-in temperature sensors monitored at the DC and AC input terminal blocks, abnormal temperatures can be detected in real-time to prevent overloads and fire hazards.

Integrated SafeDC™ functionality, designed to automatically reduce the voltage in DC cables to safe levels during grid/inverter shutdown.

The system consists of:

Synergy Manager (one per inverter)

  • SExxK-RW00IBNM4: MC4, DC SPD
  • SExxK-RW00IBNQ4: DC switch, MC4, DC SPD
  • SExxK-RW00IBNC4: DC switch, MC4, SPD CC, fuses
  • SExxK-RW00IBNK4: single cable gland, CC SPD, fuses

xx = inverter power (kW): 66.6, 90, 100, or 120

Synergy units (2 or 3 per inverter, depending on the model)

  • SESUK-RW00INNN4 (without RSD)
  • SESUK-RWR0INNN4 (with RSD)


  • For SE66.6K: 2 units required per inverter
  • For SE90K, SE100K & SE120K: 3 units required per inverter
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SolarEdge commercial three phase inverter SE66.6K – SE90K – SE100K

Three-phase inverter for commercial systems with synergy technology for low voltage connections . Consisting of several separate units that are simple to connect and easy to install thanks to their reduced weight and size.

  • Independent operation of each unit allowing greater operation and ease of maintenance
  • Integrated module-level monitoring
  • Constant voltage inverter for higher efficiency (98.3%) and longer strings
  • Available sizes: SE66.6K – SE90K – SE100K

New generation of three-phase inverters with synergy technology for low voltage connections available in the following sizes from 50kW to 120kW for medium voltage connections.

These inverters are designed to work with power optimizers for optimum yield.

The inverter consists of several separate small units, easy to transport and install, which can be connected together by cables. This solution allows for quick and easy installation by two people and significantly reduces labor costs. In addition, the independent operation of each unit allows greater operation and ease of maintenance.

Maximized system performance

  • More inverter power, up to 120kW for 480V networks
  • More power generation with 150% DC oversizing
  • Integrated nighttime Potential Induced Degradation (PID) mitigation

Mounting flexibility

Wall / rail mounting or horizontal mounting under the modules (10 ° inclination), this allows for a waste of available surface.

Simplified commissioning

The activation, commissioning and configuration of the inverter are now carried out directly via the SetApp application from a smartphone.

Constant voltage

Constant voltage inverter for higher efficiency (98.3%) and longer strings.

Safety and security

Enhanced system safety with integrated thermal sensors on the field-replaceable and monitored DC, AC and SPD type 2 terminal blocks.