Photovoltaics and Internet of Things

In the digital innovation landscape where we live, the photovoltaic systems are becoming more “intelligent”. In particular the inverter is taking the core role of the system, especially in the plant equipped with energy storage.


The intelligence in the inverter? The new trend

Inverters can be connected to different devices, from the smartphone to the tablet, to those dedicated to the loads monitoring, or to a more sophisticated home automation system. In perspective, domotic systems will allow the intelligent control of the loads and the use of energy produced form the photovoltaic plant, maximizing the percentage of self-consumption.

IOT: internet of things, where everyone and everything are connected to the network

The “internet of things”, where everyone and everything are connected to the network, allow devices to provide self-monitoring and can be automatically updated if needed; this improve the reliability and stability of the photovoltaic plants and guarantees an optimized production.

Companies that deals with installations and maintenance services have the possibility to use diagnostic systems and, often,  they can solve problems remotely.

In addition to inverter manufacturers, other IT worldwide players have already done the first steps in energy control and domotic devices that are going to have great diffusion in the future.