Pylontech rack batteries: quality, safety and durability

Pylontech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in lithium iron phosphate technology, a pioneer in the global ESS market since 2013 for batteries used in photovoltaic storage applications with over 3 GWh of commissioned storage and 250,000 homes with Pylontech systems installed in 80 countries.

Winner for the second consecutive year of the prestigious “Top Storage Brand 2021 in Italy and Spain” awarded by EUPD Research as the best quality brand.

Design and production managed and carried out directly by Pylontech

All the design and production of Pylontech batteries takes place in its own factories, the only one of its kind that vertically integrates all the technologies necessary for the construction of storage systems.

From the production of the cells from which the batteries are then assembled but also all the on-board electronics such as the BMS and the software necessary for controlling the different parts of the battery itself. In this way Pylontech obtains technologically advanced, safe, reliable and long-lasting products.

Rack batteries ideal for both domestic and professional and industrial use

The philosophy of rack batteries makes them usable both in the home and in the professional and industrial sectors.

High voltage H48050: from 9.6 to 24 kWh

There are two main product families, the high voltage H48050 size 2.4 kWh to be combined with the respective external BMS to form battery packs from 9.6 to 24 kWh.

Up to 4 racks of 24 kWh can be paralleled on the same inverter via the MBMS1000A-S control module.

In the cabinets all the components of the storage system defined Powercube-X1 occupy 3U, both the battery, the BMS and the parallel module.

Low voltage 48 V in the US2000 and US3000 versions

The second family of batteries, the low voltage 48 V is available in the US2000 and US3000 versions, the first is 2.4 kWh and occupies 2U of space, while the older sister occupies 3U for 3.55 kWh of capacity.

These batteries are very robust and are suitable for both hybrid inverters or AC retrofits for grid-connected systems but also on inverters for off-grid systems.

The total achievable capacity is 56.8 kWh since up to 16 batteries can be connected in parallel under a single “master”.

Furthermore, without the need for accessories, the latest versions US2000-C and US3000-C can be connected together up to 6 groups for a total of 96 batteries.