VP Solar new availability of products and services

Treviso 22 of November 2021. VP Solar has strengthened its partnerships with the main global producers in 2021, thanks to these agreements it can make significant volume of new product available to energy system sales companies and dedicate services aimed at facing the current shortage situation in the market.

For commercial and industrial systems

VP Solar has defined priority agreements for the procurement and supply of modules and inverters, with dedicated financial lines in order to guarantee many MegaWatt of components always available for immediate delivery.

The service is aimed in particular at Utilities, installers and EPCs operating in Italy and Southern Europe, who want to protect themselves from the trend of accentuated shortage and generalized price increases.

VP Solar makes its technical-commercial team available for guidance on system solutions, which can be contacted by email: [email protected]

ADR battery management

For the management of lithium batteries, VP Solar has consolidated over 10 years of activity in this segment a dedicated organization with specific infrastructures and procedures for strict compliance with safety regulations, both in transport and in storage.

VP Solar considers compliance with every rule essential, as evidenced by its legality rating. For the management of lithium batteries, each operator must comply with the ADR regulations, which impose many safety requirements.

Integrated logistics management

VP Solar has further developed its SAP ERP logistics and information services, adapting them to current market conditions, which has a limited availability of materials and inadequate information management by manufacturers.

To limit the impact on its customers, VP Solar has developed with its consultants a platform for the optimization of schedules and allocations of availability, based on historical data series and updated in real time in line with the information on arrival of ships, containers and trucks.

Information flow

The information systems for customers have also been enhanced, which can thus be aligned on the arrival of products, preparation and shipment of planned orders, in order to plan the management of installation sites in the most efficient way.

VP Solar has also worked to increase document dematerialization and digitization by providing an electronic data flow with digital storage of documents in parallel or as an alternative to paper mode.

The best solutions to deal with the current situation

VP Solar provides its customers with a commercial task force to find the best solutions to deal with the current situation, in the belief that effective support in critical phases becomes essential to consolidate partnerships and realize the results available in the current lively situation of energy systems market.

Any request can be sent to: [email protected]