Pylontech new version “C” for US2000 and US3000

Pylontech’s 48V lithium-iron-phosphate batteries with rack size  have been updated to the new version US2000-C and US3000-C.

The modularity remains unchanged, 2.4 kWh for the US2000-C and 3.55 kWh for the US3000-C, are suitable for use both in small residential storage systems but also in large systems.

Battery pack can be extended at any time also on previous systems

Being 48 V batteries with integrated BMS, it is possible to expand the battery pack adapting it to new needs at any time.

It is also possible to expand systems with batteries from the previous series, the important thing is that the new -C is the master in communication to the inverter. The new battery while having better SOH will not be affected by older batteries.

16 batteries in parallel without the need for the communication hub

One of the main novelties of these new versions is the implementation of communication, it is now possible to install up to 16 batteries in parallel without  LV-HUB communication hub, so as to save both space and money.

If these batteries with a power greater than 5 kW are used, the only precaution will be to insert several power cables in parallel.

Soft-Start implementation

Other positive improvements are: the implementation of the soft-start function, the improvement in power supply in critical temperature conditions and the intelligent remote ignition control function via dry contact.

All the compatibility with the inverters have remained unchanged, so you can keep the old projects left in the archive unchanged without worry.