SolarEdge battery charger solution for electric vehicles

The new SolarEdge charger is a Mode 3 charging station with charging power up to 22 kW, compatible with both single-phase and three-phase systems, and equipped with a 6m long charging cable with a Type 2 connector, this device is designed to be versatile and durable.

Ecosystem SolarEdge Home

The SolarEdge Electric Vehicle Charger seamlessly integrates with the SolarEdge Home ecosystem, allowing homeowners to control and optimize all home energy with a single app, mySolarEdge.

Through integration with the SolarEdge Home ecosystem, the charger is able to:

  • Increase the self-consumption of the photovoltaic system
  • Communicating with Smart Energy Devices
  • Improve user experience and end customer satisfaction
  • One supplier for PV solutions and VE charging, for easier service and one warranty

EV means more PV

SolarEdge SE-EVK22Cxx-01, due to its integration into the ecosystem mentioned earlier and its related benefits, will make it easier to convince electric vehicle owners to switch to full solar.

In a system equipped with a wallbox, it is useful to combine a photovoltaic system of adequate power, this is to allow the vehicle to be recharged using the excess energy produced by the PV, increasing the self-consumption of the system.

Currently, nearly 50% of EV owners also have a PV system, according to SolarEdge research.

Benefits of EV – PV pairing:

  • Saving money by using energy from the sun and not from the grid
  • Ability to charge smarter when rates are low or at night using battery storage
  • Increasing self-consumption by using self-generated solar energy to recharge electric vehicles
  • Using excess solar energy to recharge with 100% renewable energy
  • Use the incentives provided for electric charging

SolarEdge SE-EVK22Cxx-01 Battery Charger Features

The SolarEdge charger is a Mode 3 charging station compatible with both single-phase (max 7.4kW) and three-phase (max 22 kW) systems, equipped with a charging socket with a 6m cable and a Type 2 connector.

The wallbox is connectable to the network via both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, this connection allows an exchange of data with the MySolarEdge portal.

SolarEdge SE-EVK22Cxx-01 allows flexibility in the aspect of recharge permission management, this is due to optional OCPP protocol compatibility and integrated RFID authentication.

The new SolarEdge recharger also ensures safety with its IP54 rating, 6mA RCD protection and a 3-year warranty.

These features, along with compatibility with the SolarEdge Home ecosystem, make this charger suitable for home, condominium and some small business applications.


SolarEdge: electric vehicle battery chargers SE-EVK22Cxx-01

Charging solution for electric vehicles that integrates into the SolarEdge Home ecosystem, can be installed in conjunction with single-phase or three-phase photovoltaic systems.

  • Mode 3 with charging power up to 22 kW
  • 6 meters cable Type 2
  • Compatible with OCPP protocol
  • Can be installed both indoor and outdoor

Charging station SE-EVK22Cxx-01 is perfectly integrated with SolarEdge Home solutions (modules, optimizers, inverters and battery). Ideal solution for residential and condominium use.

The battery charger for electric vehicles is easy to install and suitable for single-phase and three-phase installations that can be installed both indoors and outdoors with protection class IP54.

Nominal power

AC power output rating can be 4.6 / 7.4 / 11 / 22kW, Mode 3 CA charging.

Charging cable

The SolarEdge EV Charger is equipped with a Type 2 cable up to 32 A / 400 V CA in accordance with EN 62196-1 and VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2.

Control and monitoring

Through the my SolarEdge App it is possible to manage all devices including the battery charger, managing the intelligent programming of self-produced energy.

If necessary, authentication via RFID card and MID counter can be optioned.