Tadiran Group: a new deal for energy storage

Treviso, 12th August 2022. Tel Aviv-listed Tadiran Group, which also controls VP Solar, continues growth in the global storage market in the applications: utility scale, C&I and residential.

Recently has notified that Aviem (the Israeli storage unit of the Group) has signed a contract with Energix Renewable Energy for a value of about 85 million dollars, with the option for the maintenance and service of about 40 million, for the supply of storage systems for Israel’s State Utilities Agency to store electricity produced by photovoltaic installations.

With this new deal and with the activities of VP Solar in Europe, Tadiran holds a great part of the storage market in each region: just in May this year Aviem signed a contract for the supply of 600 MWh storage systems and in Europe VP Solar is providing to the customers residential, commercial and industrial storage.

Tadiran Group offers a complete solution for all those who need energy storage and photovoltaics, renewable energy devices and charging systems for electric cars.