New from KOSTAL: everything in one access with Solar Terminal

Founded in 2006 and based in Rivoli in the province of Turin, KOSTAL Solar Electric manufactures and distributes string and hybrid photovoltaic inverters combined with innovative storage solutions for residential, industrial, commercial and Energy Community customers.

Range of products

The product range includes single-phase and three-phase inverters in the 2 kW and 100 kW power range.

Platform Solar Terminal

The commitment to provide secure and intuitive digital services, which streamline the daily work of installers and allow a simplified relationship for private customers, is a prerogative that will set Kostal apart in the years to come.

In June 2023, Kostal unveiled its new centralised Solar Terminal: a platform for the daily operation of digital business processes. From here, all Kostal applications can be accessed easily, intuitively and securely with a single click.

Who can use it?

The platform can be used by private and commercial plant operators as well as commercial customers (installers or specialist dealers). In this way, everyone will be able to manage the monitoring, procurement of hybrid functions, design and configuration of devices in a centralised and fast way.

Single-sign-on function

Thanks to the single sign-on function, you only need to log in to the Solar Terminal once to use all other applications. This functionality also allows business customers to assign different roles to employees in their company.

The migration of existing accounts is in progress and, from January 2024, there will be a single access to the Kostal world.