Kostal hybrid inverter Plenticore plus series

The Kostal Plenticore plus three-phase hybrid inverter is a versatile and intelligent product, with battery input that can be activated on request for high voltage batteries.

Kostal Plenticore plus ideal for revamping

The Kostal Plenticore plus hybrid inverter features 3 MPPTs that allow you to manage different types of roof configurations, particularly in the management of shadows. Also having an expanded MPP range, this product is perfect for revamping.

Smart optimization

This latest generation inverter features services and equipment for new concept residential systems. The wide voltage and current range allow flexible configuration of the strings.

Thanks to self-learning, it can quickly manage shading situations by adapting to the installation conditions and ensuring maximum performance.

Thanks to the Kostal Solar Plan, system configuration is even faster and easier.

Smart interaction

Thanks to the options and interfaces such as EEBus and Sunspec, this inverter is ideal for connecting to Smart Home solutions. For intelligent management of loads throughout the home.

  • Solar Portal and Solar App are the solutions for free for the monitoring of the photovoltaic system.
  • Thanks to the integrated display, we can control the commissioning, the configuration and the performance data.
  • Datalogger, system monitoring and integrated Webserver as standard.
  • Predisposition for the optional connection of an external energy meter, for 24-hour monitoring of domestic consumption.

Smart Design

The hybrid inverter Kostal Plenticore has simple and intelligent installation. The robust disconnector, with status indication, is visible and legible and the connections are protected but easily accessible. Moreover, these inverters have a protection class IP65, so we can install them inside or outside.

6 power classes for every need

There are 6 power classes for Kostal Plenticore plus three-phase hybrid inverter: 3.0, 4.2, 5.5, 7.0, 8.5 and 10 kW.

Compatibility with different high voltage batteries

This hybrid inverter is combined with high voltage batteries. Currently, they can be combined with BYD Battery-Box HVS and HVM with a certified storage capacity from 6.4 to 11.5 kWh.

In summary the main features:

  • Smart Connected
  • State-of-the-art Smart Communication Board and with new functions that can be activated via an integrated web application
  • Display, data logger, system monitoring, network interfaces are integrated as standard
  • A free portal to monitor your photovoltaic system
  • EEBus and Sunspec for the Smart Home connection
  • Smart performance
  • Fast and self-learning shading management: adapts to the specifics of the installation site
  • Dynamic control of active power and 24-hour monitoring of domestic load consumption
  • Self-learning forecast of production and consumption: this allows to have an optimal level of self-consumption
  • Low conversion losses thanks to DC coupling and high voltage battery
  • Easy to install
  • Easy device configuration
  • Safe installation
  • Compatible with type A RCD
  • Auto Update and Remote Support
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Kostal PLENTICORE plus G2: 3.0 / 4.2 / 5.5 / 7.0 / 8.5 / 10 kW

PLENTICORE plus the new hybrid inverter from Kostal, designed for photovoltaic storage ideal for both new and existing installations.

  • 3 MPPT to configure almost all types of roof
  • compatible with different high voltage battery
  • IEC 021 Certificate
  • available in 6 power classes

Kostal’s new three-phase hybrid inverter Plenticore plus can be easily and flexibly integrated to new or existing PV systems, already prepared with input for storage and optional activation code.

Smart performance

This smart inverter adapts to the specifications of the installation site through self-learning in shade management, features dynamic active power control and 24h monitoring of household consumption by storing habits for optimal self-consumption.

Storage systems

The inverter is compatible with several high-voltage batteries, currently to both BYD Battery Box’s HVS and HVM series batteries and LG’s Resu Flex series batteries. With 3 MPP trackers, it can be configured on any type of rooftop.


Expanded MPP range perfect for revamping.

Smart connected

Thanks to the Auto Update function, which can be freely activated via app or webserver, the inverter is always up-to-date, thus enabling a reduction in downtime and on-site maintenance intervention.


KOSTAL extends the warranty on all its devices up to 20 kW to 10 years. To obtain the extended warranty, you must activate Smart Warranty Plus by logging in with your credentials to the KOSTAL Solar Webshop after purchasing the inverter. Then, log in to the KOSTAL Solar Portal to register the system on the KOSTAL Monitoring Portal.