Fronius inverter how it works and how to install a SnapINverter

The generation of SnapINverter Fronius with a functional design, maximum application flexibility and intelligent functions, is increasingly efficient and reliable, these photovoltaic inverters are the ideal solution for every type of installation.

Range SnapINverter Fronius PRIMO, SYMO, ECO

The Fronius SnapINverter range consists of single-phase inverters PRIMO 3.0-8.2 M, three-phase residential SYMO 3-8.2 M and SYMO HYBRID 3-5.0 S and to finish the three-phase commercial series SYMO 10-20 M and ECO 25.0 S / 27.0 S.

The revolutionary design that all these Fronius inverter series have in common makes assembly of the product easier and safer, reducing installation and maintenance times. As a result, the benefits are cost reduction, rapid installation and design, efficiency and increased productivity.

Design Fronius SnapINverter

A SnapINverter consists of two components:
– the mounting bracket, with pre-drilled sections to facilitate fixing to the wall, which houses the terminal board where there are connections for the connection of the PV strings and the connection on the AC side
– the power unit part of the inverter with the innovative “hinged” coupling and closing system that makes assembly and subsequent maintenance easy.

The connection box and the inverter are therefore mounted separately, so during maintenance it is not necessary to remove the connections but only the inverter.

Communication interfaces accessible even during inverter operation

The interfaces for data communication are easily accessible even during inverter operation, allowing you to perform updates directly on the machine or remotely.

In addition to assembly, inverter monitoring is simple and intuitive. All inverters are equipped with an integrated communication package with WLAN, Web Server and Datalogger. Through the Fronius Solar.web it is possible to access all the system data, thus guaranteeing complete assistance and monitoring.

This technology guarantees compatibility for future photovoltaic requirements

All these solutions are equipped with free slots and open interfaces that allow the subsequent installation of additional functions, through hardware updating even after many years. They allow the possibility of connecting the machine at any time with third-party systems, for example functions for energy management or integration into home automation systems via SunSpec compliance.

How to properly install a Fronius inverter?

Here is an interesting video tutorial that explains step by step how to install these products and how to make the first commissioning and start-up:

Fronius product catalog

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