Ventilation and more space for electrical components with the new K2 RailUp

A new component is available for SpeedRail and MultiRail systems, the RailUp.

The K2 RailUp allows to raise the panels quickly and easily, allowing better ventilation and increasing their performance.

A further advantage is to have sufficient space under the module for mounting the micro-inverters and optimizers.

Better performance with module ventilation thanks to RailUp

The performance of a photovoltaic module is influenced by the external temperature and the producibility can be optimized with proper ventilation.

In this video, K2 Systems shows us how this new system for corrugated sheet roofs can be easily installed.

Quick and easy system, it adapts to SpeedRail and MultiRail systems

With RailUp, K2 we have developed a simple and above all fast solution, which respects  the principle of modularity of the structures.

In fact, this component fits both the SpeedRail and MultiRail systems.

It is possible to add the RailUp during sizing in  the K2 Base software  in the results area and obtain all the necessary components in the material list.