Huawei SUN2000-185KTL-H1

The Huawei SUN2000-185KTL-H1 inverter is a utility-scale inverter designed for large multi-megawatt systems.

The AC side output voltage is 800V to reduce losses in connection to the dedicated medium voltage transformer.

Dually, even the DC side has a maximum input voltage higher than the standard, and thanks to its 1500V, the 9 MPPT inputs each of which can accommodate 2 strings can be well configured with the MPPT range between 550V and 1500V.

The input current of every single MPPT is 26 A to adapt to current and future modules with large cells designed specifically for systems of this type.

Installation times and costs

Given these characteristics, the 3 disconnectors (one every 3 MPPT) and the integrated type 2 arresters, the string panels are superfluous to reduce costs and installation times.

Still, in the philosophy of reducing time and costs, the Smartlogger 3000A datalogger can be connected via MBUS conveyed waves to avoid the RS485 line which could also introduce harmful overvoltages to the inverter if not adequately protected.

Huawei Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis function

Through the monitoring portal, it is possible to carry out O&M operations remotely through the precious function included Huawei Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis which is also compatible with double-sided modules, often used in systems of this size.


Commissioning takes place via app, either via the Bluetooth or WLAN module (to be purchased separately) or more simply if with an Android device by connecting directly with a USB cable.

The dimensions and the reduced weight for an inverter of this power, the quick connectors for both the direct and alternating side, the degree of protection IP66, the operating range between -25°C to +60°C and the lack of power derating up to 4000m SLM allow the installation of this machine practically anywhere in the world.