BISOL receiving a prestigious Top Brand seal on five EU markets

BISOL Group is proud to announce being awarded once again with the prestigious Top Brand PV Seal on five European markets.

All of the seals on the markets below are coming for the second, or even the third time, in some cases consecutively, which is an outstanding recognition and proof of unsurpassed quality that BISOL has been advocating for since their establishment almost 20 years ago.

BISOL Group recognized Top Brand PV Seal

The recognition and Top Brand PV Seal for their exceptional PV modules come from the following markets:

  • Belgium (third time in a row)
  • France (third time in a row)
  • Austria (second time in a row)
  • Italy (again after 2020)
  • and the domestic Slovenia (second time in a row)

The award comes from the comprehensive research done by a company EuPD Research, which every year conducts a European‑wide survey among different industry stakeholders, including distributors, installers and end‑customers.

Evaluation of technical aspects of the products, as well as brand perception and brand awareness reported by the industry experts, serve as the basis for the award.

Highest quality and traceability of BISOL photovoltaic modules

The pursuit of top-notch quality, complete product traceability and commitment to environmental and social responsibility are clearly echoed in trust and satisfaction of more than 400 individual BISOL customers that are being served yearly.

While the exceptional brand recognition has been proved by the Top Brand PV Seals on five markets, BISOL is present in almost 100 countries around the world, from Norway to Australia, from USA to Japan, which is why it is possible to say that the sun always shines on BISOL modules.

In 2022, BISOL Group has been faced with an enormous growth, allowing the company to announce record business results already in April, but with great achievements there are also development challenges.

New production facilities in Europe

Their current production in Prebold, Slovenia, has reached its limits, so they are expanding their production on another location in the near future, which will of course stay in European Union: most probably in Slovenia, but there are also some possible business deals to partly move the production to Austria.

By moving the production their plan is to triple the production capacities and double the number of employees in the next three to five years.