GoodWe: single-phase string inverter series

An ideal solution for your single-phase residential system is represented by the GoodWe series: NS and DNS, proposed by the professional distributor VP Solar.

These inverter series have been designed to provide a reliable solution for the management of your photovoltaic system, in case it has a power between 1 and 6 kW.

All these products have been included in VP Solar’s new 2020 inverter price list, where you will find all the best solutions that best suit your home.

NS series

This series of single-phase inverters includes solutions suitable for small residential systems (from 1 to 3 kW) with a minimum of 3 panels installed on the roof.

This product has compact dimensions and low weight, so its installation is therefore very simple and fast. Furthermore, it guarantees a wide MPPT range.

The system can also be oversized on the DC side up to 30% of the power if there is little radiation at the installation site.

Only one string with one MPPT tracker can be connected to this type of inverter.

The cooling system is natural convection and the efficiency of the product can reach 97%.

DNS series

This series of single-phase 2 MPPT inverters, also suitable in this case for most residential systems, includes sizes ranging from 3 to 6 kW output on the AC side.

As in the case of the NS series, this product is also extremely compact and light (14 kg), facilitating installation.

This device, like the NS series, has various protection systems such as, for example, short circuit protection, anti-islanding, reverse polarity reversal of PV strings and many others.

In this case, efficiency can reach 97.5%, and each inverter can also be installed in the external environment, having an IP65 protection degree.

The monitoring system is integrated and communication takes place via RS485 port or Wi-Fi.