Huawei Series SUN2000-M0: excellence for residential and commercial systems

Huawei’s SUN2000-M0 series features a range of three-phase string inverters, for residential and small commercial systems.

In the first case, the inverter sizes usually taken into consideration are those ranging from 3 to 10 kW of nominal output power on the AC side. The sizes ranging from 12 to 20 kW are designed, in most cases, for small commercial plants.

Thanks to this particular series of devices, Huawei was among the winners of the Intersolar Award 2019, thanks to excellent results in terms of safety, simplicity of commissioning and communication with optimizers.

SUN2000 3-10KTL-M0

This three-phase string inverter has several interesting features, which make it an effective product in numerous applications. The M0 series represents Huawei’s latest technological evolution, created to offer the various users an efficient inverter that allows you to maximize the level of self-consumption.

This device has a maximum input voltage of 1,100 V with an MPPT range between 285 and 850V, the maximum current is 11 A per MPPT, with 15 A of maximum short circuit current.

The 2 DC side inputs on 2 MPP trackers make it an easy to apply the product in numerous system configurations.

SUN2000 12-20KTL-M0

This inverter series, designed primarily for small commercial systems, is available in sizes from 12, 15, 17 and 20 kW, all with 2 MPP trackers.

The product has various protections, such as those from overvoltage, both on the DC and AC sides. On the AC side, there are also overcurrent and short circuit protection.

Both series have an IP65 degree of protection and the ability to monitor and manage your photovoltaic system through the FUSION SOLAR app, to always have all production data under control.

Through a future update, the entire range of M0 products can be combined with batteries for storage, thanks to a predisposition already present on the inverter.