FIMER REACT 2 configurations and oversizing

The REACT2 by Fimer is the all-in one storage system for the residential market consisting of hybrid inverters plus storage battery, scalable by combining up to 3 battery modules from 4 to 12 kWh, using REACT 2 BATT 4 kWh batteries in the 2 sizes from 3.6 and 5.0 kW.

It is now even more versatile thanks to the technical note issued by the manufacturer which describes the configuration potential and the oversizing capacity for some inverter models.

Oversizing the system: what does it mean?

Oversizing the system allows you to increase the system’s energy production by increasing the installed DC power (Pdc) compared to the inverter’s AC (Pac) conversion power.

Thus pushing the latter to work at greater power already in the morning. Increasing the installed Pdc power can increase the production curve up to and beyond the maximum conversion power limit of the inverter, ensuring greater energy yield and an increase in the self-consumption share of the system.

Advantages of REACT2

Its ability to adapt to the available spaces is already known by being able to connect the batteries both on the side and under the inverter machine body and thanks to the very flat yield curve starting from about 30% of the nominal AC power it already has the maximum degree of efficiency so it can also be used in small 1 kWp systems for the 3.6 kW version and 1.5 kWp for the older brother.

Double DC/DC and DC/AC conversion stage

Moreover, thanks to the double conversion stage DC/DC and DC/AC with the first oversized compared to the second, it will always be possible to have energy margin to charge the battery even when the power produced and consumed is at the limit of the nominal AC power.

In this way, self-consumption is increased, improving battery management by increasing the effectiveness of the system, since the inverter in the less irradiated seasons and/or in the early hours of in the morning and in the late afternoon there will be more power available, counteracting and balancing the small losses of energy that may occur on days with greater irradiation.

A further advantage is that of being able to keep the single-phase connection to the network having even 8 kWp of modules on the roof.

Oversizing 160% North, between 120% and 140% Center, 110% and 130% South Italy

The studies conducted by Fimer by monitoring and comparing systems of equal power installed in North, Central and Southern Italy connected to different types of inverters with different powers reveal how an oversizing between the module side and the alternating side with REACT 2 can reach up to 160% in Northern Italy, between 120 and 140% in Central Italy, while in Southern Italy the oversizing will have to be less severe, between 110 and 130%.

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“All-in-one” storage solution, inverter with integrated high-voltage (200V) lithium-ion battery for long life.

  • Ideal for new installations and retrofits
  • Power ratings 3.6 and 5.0 kW
  • Storage capacity ranging from 4 to 12 kWh
  • Flexible design with the possibility of integration at any time

REACT 2, available in sizes 3.6 and 5.0 kW, with a storage capacity ranging from 4 to 12 kWh.

Possible configurations

Product for residential, ideal for new installations or retrofit thanks to the possibility of installation both on the AC and DC side.

Modular system that allows you to integrate the batteries at any time, also thanks to the different mounting possibilities you can optimize the space and speed up the installation.

Flexibility of installation

Main features

Li-lon battery unit for energy storage (from min 4 kWh to 12 kWh)
• Industry leading energy efficiency
• Suitable for new and existing applications
• Battery units can be upgraded anytime during lifetime of system
Flexible and modular design, optimizes installation space
• Simple and safe installation with plug and play connection
• System monitoring through dedicated mobile app
Modbus TCP/RTU Sunspec compliant
• Compatible with ABB [email protected] for a full smart home experience

APP from installation to management

Thanks to the integrated data logger functionality, the advanced communication interfaces are ideal for modern Smart Home, data are saved in the cloud and are conveniently accessible via an APP from your smartphone, allowing you to monitor and monitor your system.

Greater control over energy consumption

Thanks to the integration of REACT 2 with Mylos [email protected], through a wireless system, data are transmitted on solar energy production, domestic consumption and battery status, to other [email protected] devices such as heating, lighting, recharging for electric vehicles and enabling the activation of new “intelligent” features based on the energy data received, avoiding consumption peaks with the distribution of energy loads and keeping the use within the limits of the energy capacity of the photovoltaic system.

Technical data inverter

Rated DC input voltage 5000 W 6000 W
Absolute maximum DC input voltage 575 V
Number of independent MPPT 2
Maximum DC input power for each MPPT 2500 W – Linear derating [480 V≤VMPPT≤575 V] 3000 W – Linear derating [480 V≤VMPPT≤575 V]
DC connection type PV quick fit connector
Battery port
Operating DC voltage range 170-575 V
N° of battery units 1, 2, 3
Charge power 1.6 kW, 3.2 kW, 4.8 KW
Discharge power 2 kW, 3.6 kW, 3.6 kW 2 kW, 4 kW, 5 kW
Grid connected output side
AC Grid connection type Single-phase
Rated AC power 3600 W 5000 W
Tensione nominale AC di uscita 230 V
AC voltage range 180…264 V
Maximum AC output current 16 A 22 A

Technical data battery

Battery unit REACT2-BATT
Modules manufacturer Samsung
Battery type Li-Ion
Total energy 4 kWh
Operating DC voltage range 170-575 V
Absolute maximum DC voltage 575 V
Module voltage 200 V
Deep of discharge (DoD) 95%
Charge power 1.6 kW
Discharge power 2 kW
Enviromental protection rating IP 54 (suggested indoor installation for preserving battery life time)
Ambient temperature range -20…+55°C (power derating occurs out of suggested ambient temperature range)
Suggested ambient temperature +0 to +40 °C
Relative humidity 4…100 % condensing
Cooling Natural
Dimension (H x W x D) 740 mm x 490 mm x 229 mm
Weight < 50 kg
Mounting system Wall bracket