Fronius: a complete range for every need

Fronius , the historical Austrian manufacturer of inverters, has recently completed the range of solutions for energy professionals introducing new products characterized by efficiency, installation’s simplicity, complete monitoring and reliability over time.

Fronius inverter: a complete range developed and improved for every need

All new Fronius inverters  are provided with SnapINverter technology, which eases and fastens their configuration and installation, accelerating also possible operations of maintenance and substitution.

Among the most required and efficient inverters stands out the series PRIMO, represented by single-phase inverters from 3 to 8.2 kW with integrate WLAN, whose design allows the maximum flexibility in the planning of the string of PV modules and of the electrical configuration.

The inverters of the series SYMO, which has a range of models from 3 to 20 kW, represent the best solution for three-phase applications, thanks also to the maximum input voltage of 1000 V and the wide MPPT voltage range.

Chance to communicate and operate with a remote monitoring through WLAN or Ethernet completes the adaptability of the series SYMO to many applications.

All Fronius range is available in prompt delivery thanks to the integrated logistics of VP Solar, which allows its customers,  resellers and professionals in renewable energies to find always the best solutions at the best prices whenever they need it.

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