VP Solar provides a mini-grid PV plant in Guinea-Bissau

VP Solar has provided components for a photovoltaic plant designed to power a mini-grid in Guinea-Bissau.

Experience and technical knowledge commissioned to the African System Integrator

Twenty years of engineering experience of VP Solar in Power Systems has been commissioned to the African System Integrator for a mini-grid plant configuration of about 500 kW power, destined to electrify a village, and all related needs such as that of wells for water.

The management of storage units and energy conversion are strategic elements in this type of plant.

A thorough study of energy needs, loads and consumption profiles as well as the expected infrastructure are elements analyzed by the engineering team on which the architecture of the system is built.

Other essential variables such as climate (temperature and humidity), peak performance, reliability and simplified O & M capability are considered.

The set of engineering choices are shared with System Integrator, which indicates system requirements and customer expectations.

Partnership with leading global manufacturers and after-sales services

The historic VP Solar partnership with leading global inverter manufacturers, charge controllers, batteries and modules, allows you to make the best choices by obtaining very competitive conditions.

VP Solar also provides training on the use of applied devices, offering after-sales support.

Over the last few years, VP Solar’s off-grid and hybrid systems experience has been appreciated and demanded in support of several tenders and projects in Africa and other isolated and remote locations, bringing several Local System Integrators to many hundreds of KWp, in some cases with the use of lithium batteries.

VP Solar’s technical department has gained a lot of expertise not only in terms of systems and technology, but also on document preparation and tender finalization, as well as the requirements that many calls are required and that few companies in Europe can to guarantee.

In 20 years, the company provided about 1,000 MWp of components for photovoltaic plants, supporting the supply of large photovoltaic plants with specific services.