VP Solar presents the new 2021 thermal price list

VP Solar presented the new thermal price list for the year 2021. Inside, there are many solutions suitable for heating, cooling and the production of domestic hot water, instant or with storage.

In particular, the products offered include heat pump water heaters, hybrid systems, heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production, single and multi-split air conditioners.

Heating and cooling

The solutions proposed by VP Solar apply to many systems. The devices on the price list are both single-phase and three-phase and cover power sizes ranging from 5kW to 16kW. These systems have a maximum heating temperature of up to 65° C.

The solutions involve the use of different refrigerant gases, one above all the R32: low GWP gas, lower than R410. Therefore, a refrigerant with a low environmental impact, in line with European directives on the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

DHW storage

The accumulation of domestic hot water in a tank makes it possible to significantly improve energy management and the coordination of production and consumption systems.

These devices, therefore, allow you to maximize the efficiency of your heating system and are therefore offered in different solutions in the new VP Solar price list, with accumulations ranging from 80 to 270 litres.

Air conditioning

As for the air conditioning part, the proposals concern split products between the mono or multi versions, with energy efficiency classes A+++ in cooling and A + in heating.

These solutions are listed in the price list with power ratings that reach 19000 BTU on the outdoor unit with 2 12000 BTU indoor units.