Daikin: Altherma 3 H HT ECH2O in R32

Hydrosplit air / water heat pump, minimum energy consumption even in combination with radiators. System consisting of outdoor unit, indoor unit and integrated 500-liter thermal accumulator for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production.

  • R32 refrigerant with bluevolution technology
  • flow temperature 70 ° C up to -15 ° C outside
  • operating range down to -28 ° C external environment
  • perfect solution to replace old boilers

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Altherma 3 H with Bluevolution technology in R32. Air / water hydrosplit system consisting of outdoor unit, indoor unit and 500 liter heat accumulator.

This floor standing heat pump designed to withstand colder climates is a system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production.

Design and acoustic comfort

The use of a single fan reduces noise and thanks to the low noise mode the outdoor unit generates a sound pressure of 35 dBA.

Even the innovative design makes the product elegant and discreet. The outdoor unit in 2019 won the IF and Reddot Design Award awards the black front grille covers the fan making it invisible, the matt gray paneling reflects the color of the wall, guaranteeing further elegance and discretion.

Intelligent management of accumulation

  • The unit is designed for “Smart Grid”, to take advantage of low energy consumption rates and efficiently store the thermal energy for heating and the production of domestic hot water
  • Continuous heating in defrost mode and use of accumulated heat for space heating
  • Electronic management of both the heat pump and the ECH2O thermal accumulator, maximizes energy efficiency and offers excellent heating performance and domestic hot water production
  • High standards of water sanitation
  • Greater use of renewable energy with connection to the solar system
  • Lightweight plastic tank
  • Free of corrosion, anodes, scale or limescale deposits
  • Internal and external walls in shockproof polypropylene filled with high quality insulating foam to minimize heat losses

ECH2O thermoaccumulators for maximum comfort in the production of domestic hot water

The combination of an indoor unit with a thermal accumulator increases the comfort of your home.

  • Fresh water availability: on-demand production of domestic hot water, with the simultaneous elimination of the risk of contamination and sedimentation
  • Better production of domestic hot water: the further evolved low temperature technology allows to optimize the supply of water
  • Technology ready for future needs: possibility of integration with solar energy and other heat sources, for example a fireplace
  • Lightweight, robust design and cascade connection capability for greater installation flexibility
  • System designed for large and small homes, possibility of choosing between the non-pressurized and pressurized version of the hot water production system.