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LG Therma V WH 20/27 S – heat pump water heater – floor based – 200/270 litres


LG Therma V WHxxS is a floor standing heat pump water heater that uses inverter technology.

  • Low noise
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • DUAL Inverter compressor
  • 10 year warranty on tank and compressor
  • Sizes available: 200 liters (WH20S) and 270 liters (WH27S)

LG Therma V WHxxS uses a DUAL Inverter Compressor capable of achieving energy efficiency levels at the top of the market, with COP 3.85 (270L) and COP 3.6 (200L). The DUAL Inverter compressor is able to operate at low frequencies (up to 10 Hz) with energy savings of up to 70% compared to an electric water heater (250L, Class C).

With Turbo mode, LG WHxxS can operate at high frequencies (up to 80 Hz), ensuring that the target temperature is reached up to 30% faster than in Auto mode. In addition, the use of the Turbo mode allows you to restore the water at a temperature 25% higher than the Auto mode after one hour from emptying the tank.

Through the use of a fan with BLDC motor and the DUAL Inverter compressor, noise is reduced to just 53 dB (A), ensuring comfort conditions even in the case of indoor installation.

The two heat sources, electrical resistance and heat pump, complement each other alternating and ensuring continuity of operation even in the event of an emergency.

Through the LG ThinQTM application it is possible to manage the products remotely, controlling some information such as water temperature, operating mode. The Smart Diagnosis function allows the user to check the settings, any error messages and other information directly from the smartphone. Any error messages can be viewed by the user who, in case of need, will quickly and easily contact the authorized technical assistance center.

10-year warranty for the main components (tank and compressor), which meet the highest standards of reliability.
TUV Rheinland has certified the duration of the DUAL Inverter compressor in 10 years and the particular ceramic coating inside the tank is in line with the requirements of DIN 4753, to provide 10 years of corrosion resistance.