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LG Therma V monobloc R32 – HM 121/141/161 M.U33 single-phase – HM143M.U33 three-phase

LG Therma V monobloc R32 monobloc air-water heat pump of energy class A +++ for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production.

  • Constant heat output, 100% nominal capacity up to -7 ° C outside
  • Maximum water temperature at 65 ° C (without resistance) guaranteed up to -5 ° C outside
  • Operating range: from -25 to 48 ° C outside
  • Special vapor injection scroll compressor
  • Reduced noise: sound pressure 50 dB (A) at 1 m
  • Available sizes (single-phase): HM 121/141/161 M.U33
  • Available sizes (three-phase): HM143M.U33

LG Therma V monobloc R32 is a monobloc air-water heat pump that provides an integrated solution for heating, domestic hot water production and cooling. In summer, it produces cold water which, through fan coils or radiant pipes installed in the floor, lowers the temperature of the rooms. In winter it heats the rooms with radiators or radiant floors. In every season it provides domestic hot water for all domestic uses.

This product is also already prepared for interfacing with domestic hot water boilers, photovoltaic systems and external heat sources such as gas boilers.

It is also ideal for any type of application and respects the environment by using clean and renewable energy: low temperature heat contained in the atmosphere.


Self-supporting structure galvanized steel sheet panels painted in warm gray with surface treatment and cataphoresis process; surface treatment capable of conferring resistance to corrosion in order to protect the outdoor unit from atmospheric agents.