Field switchboards: guarantee of safety for your system

The new VP Solar 2020 wiring list includes many quality products that meet numerous needs of professional customers in the photovoltaic sector.

One of these is represented by the field switchboards, available in different versions including DC and AC / DC. Based on your protection/security needs, you can choose one of these types.

DC switchboards

Some of the DC panels in the VP Solar 2020 wiring list are divided into 2 types:

  • With release coil:
    • the product has a maximum input voltage of 1000 V with 2 string inputs and a single DC output. The output current is 20 A, as for the maximum input current. Also, this series of products features a 230 Vac release coil for remote emergency release.
  • Without release coil:
    • the switchboard without an exchange coil has a maximum input voltage of 1000V with maximum input and output current of 25 A. As in the first case, this device also guarantees overvoltage protection thanks to a surge arrester class 2 with removable cartridges that allow easy maintenance.

The degree of protection for both series of products is IP65.

AC/DC switchboards

This series of devices are composed of two distinct subsystems: the AC switchboard and DC switchboard.

In the VP Solar price list, six types of products are proposed, which are divided substantially by the number of inputs/outputs and by maximum DC input voltage.

These panels can manage photovoltaic systems with maximum voltages of 600 V or 1000V, with a maximum of 2 DC inputs from the photovoltaic field and 2 DC outputs to the inverter.

These classes of devices also have AC and DC side surge arresters, a class A residual current circuit breaker and a 6kA circuit breaker.

A further distinction must also be made for the maximum AC input current. There is a maximum of 16 A for devices with a single DC input and a single DC output, while for the other available classes the maximum input current is 32 A. The maximum voltage on the AC side is 230 Vac.