SolarEdge: Three-phase inverters SE12.5K-27.6K and SE33.3K

SolarEdge inverters have an efficient conversion architecture to have maximum reliability and performance in terms of energy produced.

In particular, 2 series of three-phase inverters produced by this company, SE12.5K-27.6K and SE33.3K, are characterized by a fixed voltage technology, which guarantees that the inverter operates at the optimal input voltage regardless of the number of modules to which it is connected.

These types of products collect the data of the performance of photovoltaic modules, but also of the individual optimizers, transmitting them via the web to the monitoring platform to make them visible to users. These features also make it possible to act more promptly in the event of any system failure.

Main features

This type of inverter has a series of features that make it an efficient and reliable product:

  • Small, light and easy to install
  • Monitoring at the module level
  • Internet communication via Ethernet or Wireless
  • IP65 – Installation for external and internal use
  • Constant-voltage DC inverter for longer strings
  • Smart Energy Management
  • An integrated safety device on the DC side – eliminates the need for external DC circuit breakers (only SE25K, SE27.6K and SE33.3K)
  • DC side overvoltage protection and DC side fuses (SE25K, SE27.6K and SE33.3K only)
  • Efficiency over 98%

Set App, the new standard in inverter commissioning

These three-phase inverters are available with Solaredge SetApp version. Thanks to this application you can take advantage of additional benefits:

  • Simple and fast commissioning of the inverter, directly from a smartphone
  • Advanced security features – Protection for integrated electric arc faults and optional quick shutdown