Tadiran Group (VP Solar): further growth in Q3-2022

Treviso, 24th November 2022. Tadiran Group confirms in the Q3-2022 the steady growth trend due to the support of activities in the energy field.

In the first 3 quarters of 2022 the Group reaches the overall revenue of 1.8 milion NIS, almost 500 milion Euros, with a growth of 66% compared to the same period of 2021.

The renewable energy field activities gave the main contribution to the Group to reach this result. A strategic role has been played by VP Solar in the B2B distribution of PV and storage systems for e-mobility in Europe.

Aviem Systems, a company part of the Group, has recently entered into agreements for supply of energy storage systems for a total of over 200 million dollars, to be accomplished in the two-year period 2023-2024.

Stefano Loro, VP Solar CEO and founder, states “Results achieved by VP Solar so far are extremely significant showing the potential development that the company can reach in the European energy market. Since 1999 VP Solar provides reliability and skills, values extremely appreciated by its partners. Renewable energies could be the right answer to the current energy crisis as well as environmental sustainability.”

VP Solar Srl

VP Solar is a specialized B2B distributor of energy systems as PV modules, storage, e-mobility charging systems, heat pumps. VP Solar distributes in Italy and international markets providing energy systems and solutions specific for industrial, commercial and residential  sector.

Sales-technical team provides supply and services to resellers and installation companies in order to fulfil every single implant need. Since January 2022 VP Solar is part of the Tadiran Group.

Tadiran Group

Tadiran Group is a global leader for distribution as well as implementation of renewable and PV systems, storage and charging systems for e-mobility in addition to conditioning and air treatment systems. Tadiran Group is quoted in the Tel Aviv stock exchange: