In 2021 Tadiran Group grew by 46%

Tadiran Group LTD (TDRN), listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, one of the most important Israeli groups and who recently acquired part of the capital of VP Solar, has published its financial results for 2021 that are absolutely positive.

Financial results:

The group’s annual revenue for 2021, still not including VP Solar results, increased by 46.3% to around NIS 1.45 billion (EUR 408 million) and net income in 2021 rose by 41%; EBITDA  grew by 30.8% to NIS 210.5 million (around EUR 59.7 million).

Tadiran Group also saw an increase in ratings to stable (Moody-Midroog) and ilAA- (S&P Maalot), confirming the group’s strong credibility and reliability for investors.

The new vision:

In 2021 Tadiran Group becomes a leading player in renewable energy through the partnership with VP Solar, its acquisition of Tadiran Solar, a leader in the Israeli solar market, and Aviem Systems, which operates in the field of uninterruptible power supply devices, storage systems, and complex systems for recharging electric vehicles.

The new slogan of the group is: “Enable a better living environment through renewable energies, a comfortable climate and healthy air” which precisely expresses the combination of leadership in air conditioning systems and in the production and management of renewable energy.

The drive for innovation:

Tadiran Group is strongly dedicated to innovation in every aspect, from products to services, both internal and external to the company.

For example, the Air Treatment division develops innovative technologies for air treatment, Tadiran Consumer Products maintains a leading position in the market with advanced customer service, predictive device monitoring, and advanced logistics services.

The Renewable Energy division brings to the market the best expertise on photovoltaic systems, UPS and storage systems and electric mobility.

Tadiran Group is strongly committed to the diffusion of renewable energy, air improvement systems and any other innovative technology useful for the environment and for people; it foresees an expansion in the international market and the results obtained so far show the reliability and solidity of the Group.