VP Solar 1999-2019: 20 years of activity

1999: VP Solar was born

In November 1999 Stefano Loro included in his company Val Press, which produces innovative solutions for ventilated roofs, a proposal relating to photovoltaics: VP Solar was born.

VP Solar history

At that time photovoltaic technology was not yet widespread, the most usual application was off-grid systems to electrify small remote users.

The reference market was Germany, where technical conferences were organized and where the main multinationals of the sector were located.

In the following years the Italian market received an impulse first with the program of 10,000 photovoltaic roofs (2001) and then with the Conto Energia (2005).
VP Solar in the first years of activity designed and installed over 1,000 plants, after that became exclusively a specialized distributor of energy systems. This transferring the skills acquired in the design, installation and management of paperwork onto the sector operators, offering courses and training to installers and designers.

VP Solar as specialized distributor

Starting in 2008, VP Solar consolidated its position as a B2B specialist distributor for professional operators with a leading presence in the Italian market and with a strong international growth. This establishing strategic partnerships with world-leading manufacturers of modules, inverters and storage systems, heat pumps and technologies for energy efficiency, comfort and electric mobility.

Some significant data from VP Solar 20-year history:
– 7,000 different customers in Italy and in 50 other international countries
– 180,000 orders managed
– 1,500 MW inverters and modules distributed of the leading brands

Effective organization aimed at serving the customer

Thanks to its organization VP Solar improved its service for the customer.
With the implementation of SAP since 2008, the management of business data and processes have been aimed at offering efficiency and services with high added value to meet the needs of a market in continuous and rapid evolution.

Digital future oriented team

The company is oriented towards the future, planning a growth in a global market, and using digitization, training and motivating human resources for this challenge: people working in team, sharing skills and experiences.

Quality products and services

To the quality of the products selected and proposed thanks to the experience of its own engineering team, VP Solar has combined differentiated services, such as pre and post sales, information and training services thanks to VP Solar Academy activities.


VP Solar combines compliance with high standards of legality, evidenced by the recognition of the Legality Rating by the Competition Authority, an historic economic, financial and asset stability as demonstrated by the Moody’s A ++ rating, which represents an element of commercial reliability for the benefit of client and supplier companies.

New challenges

The new and recent developments in the market, for example the FER Decree, the Growth Decree and Electric Mobility, have committed VP Solar to identify and offer new partnerships to its main professional clients, to support them in evolving towards new business models.

“It has been 20 years of challenges, sometimes exciting – says Stefano Loro, CEO and founder of VP Solar – We are passionate as when we started, but with a matured experience that we want to make available to our customers: they can catch the new opportunities of a market that is changing and that will certainly recognize greater space and dignity to the issues of sustainability and efficient use of resources, respecting the environment.
I thank all those who have contributed to VP Solar offering services with professionalism and reliability.
I hope our customers have appreciated our efforts in this regard, however we expect from them every day suggestions to improve”


Brand renewal

In the occasion of the 20th anniversary VP Solar has renewed its brand and logo.