Trina Solar ultra-high power modules for residential, commercial and utility

Trina Solar Co., Ltd is a world leader in the supply of photovoltaic modules and smart energy solutions to date it has delivered more than 170 GW of photovoltaic panels worldwide and grid-connected more than 9.5GW of solar systems.

For the Italian market, Trina Solar presents several solutions in its portfolio that are ideal for residential, commercial and large-scale installations.

Vertex S+ range: for residential and commercial

The new 450W and 500W series are ultra-high-power panels with double-glass and N-type i-TOPCon technology cells, offering greater strength and quality with maximum efficiency of 22.5%.

This range of Vertex S+ panels has a warranty of 30 years on the power and 25 years on the product with 1% maximum deterioration in the 1st year and 0.4% maximum per year from the 2nd to the 30th year of life.

Designed specifically for homes and commercial buildings:

  • Vertex S+ (NEG9R.28): a next-generation residential panel with a maximum power output of 450 W, double glass, i-TOPCon N type cell technology and a 30-year power guarantee.
  • Vertex S+ 500 W+ (NEG18R.28): panel designed for commercial and industrial building roofs with compact design and medium size to promote flexibility and better management with significant savings and cost reduction.

Vertex N range for utility

Trina Solar also offers solutions for large PV plants with ultra-high power modules and optimized solutions for maximum yield.

With this series of modules a single string achieves a power increase of up to 34% bringing significant savings in BOS costs and LCOE reduction.

Vertex N Modules: the NEG19RC.20 (620W max) and NEG21C.20 (710W max) modules feature i-TOPCon N type cell technology with reduced degradation, superior efficiency and power output.