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Sungrow SG 33/40/50 CX


The three-phase string inverters SG 33_40_50 CX are the most suitable choice for companies that will be able to make the most of their photovoltaic system thanks to a maximum efficiency that reaches 98.7%.

  • 3\4\5 MPPT
  • IP66 (suitable for outdoors)
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Available models: SG33CX_V11, SG33CX_V112, SG40CX_V11, SG40CX_V112, SG50CX_V11, SG50CX_V112

The Sungrow SG 33_40_50 CX inverters are equipped with a remote firmware update service and allow online scanning and diagnosis of the IV curve. These products also allow intelligent monitoring of string currents. All this at an advantageous price and with proven safety.

Sungrow SG 33_40_50 CX ensure compatibility with high-power PV modules and double-sided modules, they also offer a PID recovery function.

Smart management

This family of inverters allows for smart device management, makes intelligent current monitoring possible, in addition it is able to scan and diagnose the IV curve online thanks to the ISolarCloud platform.


The local configuration and commissioning of the inverter take place via the ISolarCloud app, which also allows:

  • Connection to the system
  • Remote parameter configuration
  • Fault management
  • Device monitoring

Low costs

  • Compatible with aluminium or copper cables
  • Enabled for 2 in 1 DC connectors
  • Wireless communication with optional Wi-Fi

With these products Sungrow guarantees the customer a very high level of safety and an IP66 degree of protection. These inverters are also equipped with SPDs for both DC and AC. The design has been studied to maximize heat dissipation, making everything also aesthetic and practical to install.

Differences between versions:

  • V11: SPD AC & DC type II
  • V112: SPD AC & DC type I + II and integrated AFCI