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Sungrow SG 250 HX


12-MPPT three-phase string inverter suitable for Utility Scale systems.

  • IP66
  • Signaling LED
  • Smartphone app via Bluetooth
  • PLC communication
  • PID-recovery function
  • 5 year guarantee

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Sungrow SG 250 HX is a three-phase string inverter with a maximum output power of 250 kW and input up to 1500 Vdc is ideal for commercial and utility scale systems of the order of multi MW. Supports night reactive power delivery function, active and reactive power control and power ramp speed control.


  • Up to 12 MPPT with max. efficiency 99%
  • Up to 2 photovoltaic strings per MPPT
  • Compatible with the double-sided module and modules with 210 mm cells
  • thanks to the input up to 30 A
  • Optional integrated PID recovery function


  • Long strings up to 1500 vdc
  • Compatible with Al and Cu AC cables
  • 2 in 1 DC connection enabled
  • Power line communication (PLC) optional


  • Firmware update and remote commissioning
  • Online IV curve scan and diagnosis
  • Fuse-free design with smart string monitoring


  • IP66 protection (suitable both indoors and outdoors)
  • SPD type II DC and AC
  • Complies with the highest international safety standards and many national grid codes