Storage Guide 2020: a working tool for choosing the storage system

A few years ago, VP Solar published the first version of the Storage Guide, and it became a useful and popular tool for installers immediately.

In 2019 we integrated this tool with the Map Storage, a table showing the technical data and possible combinations of certified inverters and batteries.

These tools were created to clarify the many systems on the market. Also, we want to simplify and support the installer in proposing to the private customer the most suitable solution for their needs.

The storage market

In recent years, the storage market has changed a lot, the sector is in strong growth and evolution thanks to the emergence of new technologies and the systems have been enhanced and are very performing.

The price of residential and commercial storage systems is also falling.

Storage Guide 2020

The new Storage Guide 2020 reports in the first part a general overview of the world of storage, with the possible system configurations, the advantages given by the increase in self-consumption, the evolution of the market in Europe.

2020 products and news from the best brands

In the second part of the volume, the Manufacturing Partners present their products and solutions, with the upcoming news, pluses and solutions for monitoring and integrating the various systems.

Thanks to the Glossary on the first page of the e-book, it is possible to quickly identify the product presented.

Quick graphic info is shown that specify:

  • the type of hybrid inverter, normal or retrofit
  • the type of connection to the battery grid on the AC, DC side or both
  • the type of single-phase or three-phase network
  • if the system is all-in-one or composed of several components
  • if it has the backup function.

Storage Map 2020

Last but not least, the Storage MAP table, which can be downloaded directly via a button within the Storage 2020 Guide.

This tool contains the possible compatibility of various inverters proposed by Vp Solar with some brands of batteries for photovoltaic storage. In any case, it is necessary to verify that these compatibilities are also valid based on the regulations present in the various European countries.

Download the 2020 Storage GUIDE and MAP

We invite you to download and consult these two work tools and share them with your customers.

The Storage 2020 Guide was created with a simple language even for non-professionals and at the same time integrates important information and techniques useful for sales.