SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2 the powerful inverter for commercial systems

The new SMA inverter for decentralized commercial MW rooftop or open field systems is finally available. SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2 is the new three-phase inverter that allows maximum design flexibility and maximum yields.

With 110 kilowatts of power, 12 MPPT and 24 strings, it has a high coverage ratio with 98.6% efficiency.

SMA Energy System Business

This inverter is part of the new generation of products with the SMA Energy System concept where all system components are perfectly integrated and integrable with each other and are managed by a single supplier.

This allows you to create a system that can be expanded at any time, in addition to the hardware, you can integrate the monitoring and control solutions via App Energy or the web portal and expand with storage systems all immediately or in the future.

Integrated SMA ShadeFix solution

SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2 has already integrated the ShadeFix software which optimizes the energy yield of the photovoltaic modules where there may be partially shaded modules.

Monitoring included with SMA Smart Connected

Including plant monitoring with Sunny Portal and through the Data Manager M fully integrated with ennexOS and commissioning.

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SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2 STP 110-60

Ideal inverter for large rooftop systems or free surfaces with power in the order of megawatts.

  • 12 MPP trackers for maximum design flexibility
  • 24 strings with Sunclix connectors
  • Integrated SMA ShadeFix software solution
  • 110 kW for standard 400 VAC

Three-phase inverter for large plants and commercial ground and roof solutions. This new inverter among the most flexible in its category is equipped with:

  • 12 MPP trackers,
  • 24 strings with 1100 VDC Sunclix connector
  • Up to 150% over dimensioning of PV array
  • Up to 1,100 VDC
  • Bifacial modules supported

More integration

This inverter is connected and integrated with all SMA digital instruments made available:

  • Leading planning tool SUNNY DESIGN
  • Seamless extension for further use cases, e.g. storage solutions like STORAGE BUSINESS (Available in German market only)
  • Complete ennexOS integration and easy plant commissioning via DATA MANAGER M and monitoring with SUNNY PORTAL
  • SMA services (Online Service Center, Direct marketing SMA SPOT*, Smart Connected)

Quick and easy to install

This inverter equipped with carrying handles is easy to assemble, has a high resistance to the external environment, equipped with LEDs for a quick check on the product. Fully integrated with SMA management APPs to immediately view any problems.