Storage price list 2022

We have updated the Storage price list, you can request it directly from your sales representative.

The Storage price list shows the prices of kit solutions consisting of an inverter and battery or individual battery packs divided by kWh storage capacity and hybrid inverters.

How to choose the storage system?

To be able to choose which products to use, we created Map Storage, the comparative table between storage solutions that indicates all possible combinations between inverters and batteries.

The Map shows the combinations between 8 inverter manufacturing partners and 8 storage battery manufacturers.

The basic information is given in the technical details for selecting the products and the power of the photovoltaic system (kWp) for each specific system is suggested.

  • Inverter family and inverter type: photovoltaic only, hybrid or retrofit
  • Grid: single-phase or three-phase
  • Connection of the battery: AC or DC side
  • Backup function if present or not
  • Load management
  • Battery voltage type: HV high voltage or LV low voltage
  • Whether the system is All-in-one or not
  • Compatible battery: model and size
  • Net capacity of single battery module kWh
  • Battery warranty
  • Guaranteed capacity (%) at the end of the guarantee
  • Total Net capacity [kWh] by number of connectable batteries