New Storage Map 2021

With the publication of the Storage Guide, the new Storage Map has also been updated and integrated.

We are talking about a comparative table that groups the main solutions for the storage of photovoltaic energy available on the European market.

Storage Map 2021

This document is in table format and defines the possible combinations between inverters and photovoltaic storage batteries available on the market.

The table also shows a series of technical data useful for the design and choice of a “standard” residential and commercial storage system.

Simple tool to choose the storage system

The table divided according to the brand of the inverter manufacturer shows the following technical data.

  • Inverter and available size: inverter sizes and type of battery that can be combined
  • Inverter type: it is specified whether the inverter is hybrid, retrofit only or battery only
  • Type of connection to the battery network: DC side, AC side or both
  • Type of network: single-phase and three-phase
  • Back-up function: the inverter can power “privileged” loads with the energy stored by the battery or directly from the sun by disconnecting from the grid, in the event of a power failure (CEI 0-21 standards)
  • Compatible Batteries: Battery models compatible with a specific inverter
  • Characteristics of the storage system: battery voltage, net capacity (kWh) if they are expandable, charge / discharge power, load management, meter with openable CT
  • Photovoltaic system power: indication of the suggested power of the photovoltaic system (kWp) for a specific system

VP Solar technical office

The information contained within the storage map are “standard” proposals for accumulation.

The VP Solar technical office is available to discuss any customized solutions, such as large storage systems, management and monitoring of inverters and loads, etc…

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Download only the 2021 Storage Map

The single technical map is also available for download.

Download the 2020 STORAGE GUIDE

The new guide already includes the 2021 Storage Map, in addition to this document, there are news from manufacturers and useful market and technological information to help you in the sale of storage systems.