SolarWatt photovoltaic modules and energy storage solutions

SolarWatt German manufacturer of photovoltaic systems has been up and running around the world for almost 30 years.

Founded in 1993, SolarWatt is the leading German manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and energy storage solutions, the proposed technologies are designed to be versatile and can be used for different purposes in the home and outside the home.

Headquartered in Dresden, Germany, this brand’s products are best-selling in the German country’s photovoltaic sector.

Their mission is based on:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Customer care and assistance

Recognized and awarded quality

Thanks to its “Made in Germany” products, this company provides quality and reliability, which has been awarded with:

  • German Design Award 2020 for EnergyManager X
  • Top brand PV 2019 – SOLARWATT modules and storage
  • German design award 2019 for EasyIn
  • German Innovation Award 2018 for MyReserve
  • Top brand PV 2018 – SOLARWATT modules and storage
  • EES 2017 Award – For the MyReserve battery system
  • EES 2017 Award – For the MyReserve battery system
  • German Design Award 2016 – For MyReserve and the energy portal
  • EES 2015 Award – For the MyReserve battery

Safety, reliability, and protection

The high safety standards are a strength of SolarWatt, the products are tested and subjected to constant checks even on products that have been on the market for some time.

The products are increasingly digital, therefore solutions have been studied to protect hardware and software systems from possible hacker attacks.

For example, in the SolarWatt MyReserve energy storage devices, the LAN cable has been replaced by a special cable that allows access only by technicians and thus avoids the intrusion of hackers to read the customer’s data.

Safety measures are applied to the entire SolarWatt product range to prevent the risk of fire.

Assistance and support

Installer support is present at an office in Italy with a dedicated technical team.

Photovoltaic modules and storage system

VP Solar distributes SolarWatt solutions for the residential market with a range of photovoltaic modules and MyReserve storage batteries.